Things to Consider in Leasing a Commercial Office Space

6.JPGMoving up to a commercial office space commonly provides a notion to a small business owner that his business is growing. The things you need to consider in choosing that perfect commercial office space for your business expansion are the following:
* Space- check if the new space can accommodate your expected growth of your business
* Location- know your target customers and determine the location you chose is accessible
* Parking- your employees as well as customers will need a hassle free parking area.
* Tenants- if there are other tenants aside from you, it is important to have good relations with them.

Real Estate Market


Real estate market has been observed as holdout, a place where the worth and the rate of real estate sales have held their own. Up to date numbers, on the other hand, show that the native market that it has challenges of its own. The local realty market remains physically powerful, but it has changed over the years. The fall down of the sub prime housing market has taken an evident figure of probable buyers out of the market. In the brief term, it is easy for a pair to make large real estate transactions to place at an angle monthly sales figures.

Encourage Creativity Through A Workplace




How a workplace looks like can determine how creative an employee can get. This is why so many companies actually invest a lot of money in providing a special interior design for their office. So if you want to recreate your office into something more interesting and special, follow these tips.

Natural light can bring so much creativity to a person. So skip on the ugly florescent lighting during the day and open the blinds. Get some sunshine in! Studies even show that natural light has a lot of health benefits. Bring some plants in. The feel of nature has calming effects on people and it lessens the stressful feel of an office. Add colors! Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright. Workers need to feel energized and active to be more productive and a drab place with only white walls and desks with computers won’t do it.

Value the employees by giving them a comfortable communal place. This place should be large enough for everyone to be in all at once. Large couches where they can rest is essential.

Latest Trends in Commercial Spaces

3.jpgA well architecturally built commercial space has double tasks. One is to please the tenant and the other is to give the visitors the overview of its uses and services it offers. Hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, among others, are very particular about these features of a commercial space. Even if there is a great typological diversity among these establishments, they are required to responsive to these premises. In today’s rapid growing competition, commercial and even public spaces must have distinguished designs wherein people can do various activities ranging from just a light and playful activity to the more serious business related activities.

Who Is Your Landlord


Landlords should in general keep away from investment clubs and without doubt paying hefty membership fees. A property-owner should learn by heart that buying an investment property is not similar to buying a home. Property investors must concentrate on the probable returns from the investment when making a decision on which one to purchase. A property investor should accomplish a full investment evaluation prior to determining and consigning to a development. Landlords and property investors need to be lucid about what category of tenants that they want to be a magnet for before even trying to establish their investment property search. 

The Balancing Act

Confused of what to buy, when and where?

The trick in buying real estate is to view all possible decisions using both the logical and the emotional perspective. If a situation presents itself that requires a trade-off, decide on whether there is a huge conflict or a small one. Logic should win the big conflicts, but emotion should always be a factor, even winning the small ones.

You will find yourself owning a warm, happy, safe home – and an investment for the future at a price you are willing to pay.

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How to Deter Shoplifters

For owners of retail shops, employee theft and shoplifting is said to account for the largest losses in their business. A store that has a good layout and design can help to prevent this. Here’s some tips:

• Using mirrors in corners will help to eliminate blind spots that may hide shoplifters. Good lighting in all areas of the store will also help in better visibility.
• Keep the store neat and orderly. Having a good display and inventory system will help you and your staff to know immediately what is missing.
• Never leave the register unattended or unlocked. Merchandise should not be displayed near store exits without personnel to keep an eye on them. Small, expensive items should be kept in a locked display case or behind the counter. Rest rooms and dressing rooms should always have an assisting personnel, who should be trained to take note of the items being carried in and out.
• Uniformed security guards serve as powerful deterrents for shoplifters. Also, knowing that the store has anti-theft measures such as CCTs also serve as deterrents.

“Spaces for Sale or Rent?”

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Contemplating in looking for a commercial space either for sale or for rent? What would be your preferences and requirements?

These may be the questions that bother your mind which of course can be avoided if you consider the following things: space, location, parking, tenants, handicap access, public transport, expansions, utilities, partitions, open floor plan, closed rooms, functionality and your customers’ perspectives.

So be cautious when making plans of looking for a commercial space for your office, always look into the details and be apprehensive of what may help you towards the growth of your company.

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Where to Locate a Commercial Space

8.jpgCommercial spaces have different shapes and sizes. Depending on the kind of business where it will serve its purpose, they may found in strip shopping centers, free-standing buildings, downtown shopping districts, enclosed malls, or mixed-use facilities. Airports and other transportation facilities now have commercial spaces to cater to the needs of their customers. Hotel lobbies and sports stadiums are also places convenient for commercial spaces. Even venues for special events, whether regular or temporary, are likewise available with commercial spaces. Commercial space is any area where you can do your retail business. So anywhere where you can achieve your goal of doing your retail can be considered a commercial space.

Getting Your Vacation Homes: More

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Turn your house into a baby and toddler-friendly vacation spot. During the christmas season, schools are out so that’s the only time that people with children can travel. Mindful of babies’ and toddlers’ needs, you can have a high chair or two , portable crib and diaper changing tables in rooms where they are needed. If you want, you can probably charge a minimal fee for the use of these or have them ready at the common areas. Since your vacation house is baby-friendly, then you might as well be pet friendly too! But before you start accepting pets, be sure you and your house are both pet ready. Accepting guests with pets will increase your income because now, your guests’ pet will also be billed for its stay, to cover the expenses for cleaning pet stained carpets. And it is alright to charge them for their pet’s stay because anyway, they are going to pay boarding fees for them while they are away. If winter occupancy rate is still not good, it’s time to get creative. You could offer “customized” treats for your repeat guests. For example, if you happen to glance at the file of a repeat guest, you noted that they are celebrating their wedding anniversary over the weekend. You can give them a call and offer them a weekend stay at a reduced price. Or you can get aggressive. You can bring out your file of VIP visitors, give each and everyone of them a call and offer discounted rate bookings.