Pepsi In Gurgaon


Multinational food and beverage company PepsiCo has just leased an impressive 150,000 square feet of office space in Gurgaon’s Golf course road extension. Gurgaon is the second largest city in Haryana New Delhi. It is one of the most known outsourcing and offshoring hubs in the world. Some major companies that are already headquartered there are Nokia, Motorola and Coca-Cola. This is no wonder that Pepsi chose to stick to this city. It was one of the large companies that entered in the 90′s when India opened its economy.

Pepsi already has five offices in Gurgaon spread over 70,000 square feet and they want to make all operations under one roof which was the purpose of leasing the new extra large office.  Pepsi has seen a large growth in the past two years and is continuously being strong. This deal is good for the country since they have been experiencing a drop in office space leasing.

Commercial Office Space

1.jpgIf you are a small business owner, having a commercial office space is quite an exciting idea. It means that your business has come out of age and your home office should be left behind. It is time to move up. Since the business is picking up, more employees will be coming in and you will have to provide them enough spaces. In upgrading the business, you will need more rooms for the additional equipments. Unconsciously, this upgrading is giving your business more confidence thus acquiring better trust from the customers. All then more that you will be inspired to better develop your business endeavor.

Overlooking For Construction


When it comes to searching after a construction, prevention is absolutely better than the cure. Buildings, as we all see, are luxurious to acquire and if you don’t take care of them as it should be, you are in for a lot of dilemma. Before anything else, make sure that the construction of your edifice is sound. This means getting an assessment done prior to considering on investing your money in it. Countless of people fall short to do this and they barely realize that they have a crisis when it’s too late. A review is comparatively low-priced compared to being jammed with a lot of work.

Commercial Spaces: Updates on Design

A commercial space is an important area in any business. Location wise and design wise, the space is the face value of your business. There are a lot of businesses who fail to see the importance of an updated commercial space and end up closing the business. This is why it is also important to consider the design of a commercial space as this will help invite possible customers. If you are planning to consider a commercial space it is vital to do a conceptualization first because you start to plan for the basic stuff  which is the crucial part.  Make sure that you deal with a person that can offer you various design ideas and will generally help you with your plan or concept. Make sure that you agree on the budget before anything else to prevent overspending. This will help you prevent unnecessary tension in the project that may lead to disaster.

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Forced Savings

ForcedSave Some people are not into saving money, but saving for a house is an automatic savings account. There are two ways your savings accumulate. Every month, a portion of your payment goes to the principal and looking at it in the early years of the mortgage, this is not much. Eventually as time goes by, it accelerates.

Second, the value of your home appreciates. Average appreciation on a home is estimated at five percent, although it varies from year to year, and in some years it may even depreciate.. Over time, it has shown that owning a home of your own is a very good financial investments.

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Pimp your Business Space with Entertainment Showcase

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Are you into your business space but do not have an entertainment area that will compliment it? Then you may want to consider choosing from wide variety of entertainment showcase available in the market today.

But before you scream with excitement for choosing the right one for your space, there are still a few things you need to remember. First, you need to find the right hardware. This is because most DVD players do not support 8 channels of audio, without which, you won’t make the most out of your 7.1 surround sound speakers. The Blu-Ray format, however, delivers 8 channels of high quality, lossless DTH-Master Audio/Dolby TrueHD audio. The 8 channels can thus be separated and distributed among the 7.1 setup. Consequently, you will get a multi-directional sound for a truly magnificent HD experience.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you check on the item before purchasing it. Also, consider the warranties to make the most out of your money.

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Encourage Creativity Through A Workplace




How a workplace looks like can determine how creative an employee can get. This is why so many companies actually invest a lot of money in providing a special interior design for their office. So if you want to recreate your office into something more interesting and special, follow these tips.

Natural light can bring so much creativity to a person. So skip on the ugly florescent lighting during the day and open the blinds. Get some sunshine in! Studies even show that natural light has a lot of health benefits. Bring some plants in. The feel of nature has calming effects on people and it lessens the stressful feel of an office. Add colors! Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright. Workers need to feel energized and active to be more productive and a drab place with only white walls and desks with computers won’t do it.

Value the employees by giving them a comfortable communal place. This place should be large enough for everyone to be in all at once. Large couches where they can rest is essential.

Eric Larson, Co-Partner



Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC named Eric Larson their new co-managing partner. The Downtown Detroit based company famous for doing business by purchasing and leasing commercial spaces is happy with the recent change. Larson will be a great addition since he has vast experience in the real estate industry with 25 years of experience as a real estate developer. For Bedrock, he will concentrate on the master planning, acquisitions, development and leasing activities. James Ketai, current managing director has only good words about this new partnership saying ”Eric brings a vast amount of experience, expertise and a strong presence in our community. He will be a great and welcome asset,”

Eric Larson has made a name for himself when he founded Larson Realty Group in Bloomfield Hills. During his solo career, he managed $3.5 billion in real estate, including General Motors’ purchase and development of the Renaissance Center. Larson is excited about his new venture. James and Eric will clearly be a duo that would take real estate business by storm. Watch out, Detroit!

Microsoft Lease Space

The world’s leading software company has announced that they have, as of yesterday signed a long term lease for offices right in the heart of New York City, Times Square. The building where the new office will be is owned by SJP property investors and Prudential Real Estate Investors. The impressive office is 200,000 square feet in a 1.1 million-square-foot, LEED-Gold-certified office and retail tower in Midtown. Microsoft employees will definitely be pleased because it is situated in the perfect place that has direct subway access to all stations of New York. It is also one subway stop from Grand Central Terminal. This will definitely be convenient for workers to easily avoid Manhattan traffic.

The building is said to be managed like a five star hotel which complements just how prestigious Microsoft is. It will make a good impact on business because relocating to this new office is a sign that the company is continuously growing and improving.

Research before Buying Commercial Real Estate

nullInvesting in commercial real estate takes a huge chunk of your money. Therefore, it is important to make sure that over a period of time, your investment will pay off handsomely for you.

You can only do this if you did extensive research of the area first before you jump into investing your hard earned money. If there are a lot of vacancies in homes and office buildings, maybe the economic situation in that area is bad. This would mean that there will not be enough market to support your commercial investment. The best way is to search the internet and read magazines to verify your findings.